Flowers are my life

Since coming from Hawaiian lineage, I have always felt such a strong pull to nature and all of God’s creations. I describe my work as an almost foraged look with a natural and organic design center. I want my creations to be unexpected and different showing my culture but also my clients vision. I love using unique elements and incorporating every last part of the flower or plant in whatever arrangement I am making so that nothing goes to waste. In my opinion, every part of the flower is beautiful and I want to showcase that. For every bride, I want to make sure that it is exactly what she has always dreamed of and I truly do put a piece of my heart into every arrangement that I make, and I love knowing that they carry that part of me with them during their special day.


Mauloa Florals has such a special meaning to me because it is Hawaiian and I love that I can keep that part of my heritage with me always. Mauloa means β€˜forever’ and so knowing that I am creating lasting and nature filled memories is truly a dream come true. All that I do I owe to my Heavenly Father and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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